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Caroline Bloor Photography

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My eyes fell immediately upon all that was most bad upon a land desolate and muddy, whether inhabited by man or beasts a stranger could not easily distinguish, and upon roads which were, to explain concisely what is most abominable, Sussexian...” Dr John Burton 1752 (Sussex Archeological Collections)

The Sussex countryside is today better known for its well kept villages and neatly arranged gardens - a controlled landscape. Celebrated. Those who inhabit this space conform to subliminal codes; transgression is not encouraged with notices issued from parish councils for ‘muddying’ of the environment, allowing cattle to make ‘mess’ on the roads. The boundaries defining spaces are well attended - grass verges are often protected from stray tyres by means of ornamental fencing or whitewashed stones.

As a woman living in such a rural environment I also find myself guiltily trying to hide all traces of mud; apologising for the state of the car; scrubbing my hands and nails, changing my shoes...

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